Visualizing the sense of data

We design and develop Science, Technology and Innovation Analytics Solutions. Our aim is to help our clients to boost their communication and publication channels.


Shape of Science

An information visualization project whose aim is to reveal the structure of science based on journal citations.

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Scimago Institutions Rankings

A Research Evaluation Platform and Ranking Generator to analyze research outputs of universities and research-focused institutions.

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Scimago Journal & Country Rank

A 'open access' web evaluation environment to analyze multidimensional performance of Journals and Nations.

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Scimago Lab reports are based on comprehensive and authoritative data including high-level disambiguation procedures.

Our turnkey reports reveal every dimension of the scholarly communication carried out at your institution providing this way valuable information about research performance and efficiency and effectiveness of your institution's research policies and programs.


Having timely and strategic advice to improve your publication and communication strategy is crucial to help you make informed decisions. However, It is not always easy to understand every angle of the data, metrics and procedures to non-experts.

Scimago Lab provides advising and training services so your staff takes advantage of analytics information and evaluation data in a way that will improve your organization's visibility and reputation.


As a core task of our reporting tools, we design and develop interactive analytic solutions based on Rich Internet Applications and Dashboards to analyze huge information volumes.

Our solutions focus on User Experience to create visualization tools and let you easily understand your facts and figures.

About us

The Company

Scimago Lab is a technologically-based company offering innovative solutions to improve the Scientific Visibility and Online Reputation.


Félix de Moya CEO
Mar de Moya Chief Financial Officer
Belén de Moya Marketing Manager
Atilio Antonio Bustos González Senior Consultant
Gerardo Tibaná Herrera Senior Consultant
Estefanía Herrán Páez Junior Consultant
Federico Rivadeneyra Torrecillas Computer Scientist
Yusef Hassan Montero  Interaction Designer
Mª Eugenia Espinosa Calvo Documentalist
Mª José Moyano López Documentalist
Nicoleta-Roxana Dinu Documentalist
Ester Rodríguez Sánchez Documentalist
Ricardo Alcántara Gallardo Documentalist
Pilar Melania Ortíz Rodríguez Documentalist
Rocío Molina Escobar Documentalist
Elena Corera Álvarez Scientific Senior Advisor
Isidro Aguillo Scientific Senior Advisor
Henk F. Moed Scientific  Senior Advisor
Björn Jürgens Scientific  Senior Advisor
Vicente P. Guerrero Bote  Scientific Senior Advisor

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Scimago Lab has worked closely with international partners from the publishing realm, scientific information suppliers, universities and government agencies. As result of collaboration links with Elsevier, whom we jointly develop cutting-edge analysis tools, and evaluation concepts, it stands out the journal evaluation web environment SCImago Journal & Country Rank and the SIR Reports which analyses institution research performance across the world, both openly available.

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