Research and Web Analytics

Scimago Lab offers Research and Web Analytics services and solutions based on authoritative publication and citation data statistics. We design solutions that help organizations, whatever their size, mission or structure, to leverage their scientific visibility, research performance and online reputation.

Scimago Lab supports universities, research labs and centers, government agencies to:



Scimago Lab provides organizations with measurement and evaluation tools in support of their research management policies. Scimago Lab reports are based on comprehensive and authoritative data including high-level disambiguation procedures. Our turnkey reports reveal every dimension of the scholarly communication carried out at your institution providing this way valuable information about research performance and efficiency and effectiveness of your institution's research policies and programs.

Scimago reports and tools have long been used by worldwide organizations to prove research performance and outcomes.

Advising Services

Having timely and strategic advice to improve your publication and communication strategy is crucial to help you make informed decisions. However, It is not always easy to understand every angle of the data, metrics and procedures to non-experts. There are also organizations without the resources to have dedicated staff to do analytics and evaluation.

Scimago Lab provides advising and training services so your staff takes advantage of analytics information and evaluation data in a way that will improve your organization's visibility and reputation.

Online solutions

As a core task of our reporting tools, we design and develop interactive analytic solutions based on Rich Internet Applications and Dashboards to analyze huge information volumes. Our web environments focus on Usability and User Experience expertise to create visualization tools and let you easily understand your facts and figures.

Our solutions consist of full-fledged web environments that can be easily and seamlessly integrated into our partner's scientific information systems.


Scimago Lab is a division of the SRG S.L. company. Copyright 2010.

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