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Scimago Lab ongoing projects consist of Science Analytics Applications. Based upon a combination of visualizations techniques, scientific data treatment and design and development of scientific indicators, our applications are conceived to enhance advising and reporting activities. We build customized reports to help our clients evaluate how they communicate research outcomes.


Scimago Institutions Rankings

SIR website

The SCImago Institutions Rankings project is a Research Evaluation Platform and Ranking Generator to analyze research outputs of universities and research-focused institutions. The SIR platform offers analytical tools to help Research Institutions monitor and assess their research outcomes and make decisions to improve their research performance and funding opportunities.

Using SIR platform, managers will be able to gain deep insights into their institutions' research systems. The will be able to reply the following questions:




Subject structure

The SIR 2009 World Report is an associated open resource from the SIR project available at It shows rankings for several performance metrics covering more than 2000 of the best worldwide research institutions and organizations. The available indicators help analyze performance of research institutions including output, visibility, collaboration and impact.

SIR Quality Label

The SIR Quality Label is a free service consisting of a lightweight embedding image that outlines your organization's research dimension. The label let your website to quickly exhibit your organization's national and worldwide ranks on:

More info about methodology and how-to instructions coming soon at


Scimago Journal and Country Rank

SJR website

The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a 'open access' web evaluation environment to analyze multidimensional performance of Journals and Nations. The SJR evaluation environment includes a wealth of metrics to analyze the full range of scientific domains.

SJR has been developed from the information contained in Elsevier's Scopus database.

Customized rankings
The SJR platform allows to set customized journal or country rankings using different metrics and thematic areas, the results are presented in rich-data tables including output, collaboration rates, visibility and scientific impact.

Full scientometric profiles
Analyze, compare and visualize full scientometric profiles for more than 17,000 Scopus journals and 233 countries from all over the world.

Journals Evaluation
The SJR website provides users with an easy to use analysis platform to systematically analyze the output and scientific influence of Scopus journals covering all the scientific disciplines and the widest range of languages.

National-Wide Analysis
The SJR website allows to analyze and compare, using a wealthy of tables and charts, scientific outputs of National Research Systems for 233 countries and territories from all over the world. It also includes Geographic Reports where the information is grouped into world areas as well as a World Report of great use for benchmarking.

Maps of Science
The SJR environment includes a Map Generator to dynamically represent National Maps of Science, through user-defined parameters. These networks are highly useful to visually analyze existing relationships among national scientific disciplines.


Scimago Lab is a division of the SRG S.L. company. Copyright 2010.

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