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Scientific Excellence Georeferenced. The neighborhood matters.

While the current dynamics of Worldwide Science outputs are rising to the surface Research Institutions from developing countries with important results; the location of Institutions holding excellence outcomes, that is, those which represent a truly and significant science advancement does not seem to be changing. Although a formal study would need a detailed analysis by […]

Science Indicators of Spanish Public Universities

We are releasing here a small post with some interesting indicators that can help contribute to shed light on the performance of the Spanish Scientific System, these specifically are related to publicly-funded universities. The table is available as a pdf and can be downloaded here: Science Indicators of Spanish Public Universities The list below is […]

Institutional Collaboration in Global Science

Felix de Moya Anegon. Nowadays, georeferenced maps of science are becoming widely used in a number of ways in Research Analysis and Evaluation because of their ability to represent context information; see for instance Beauchesne’s captivating images in his post on Maps of scientific collaboration between researchers or Bornmann & Waltman’s geographical density maps. There […]

The research impact of National Higher Education Systems

Felix de Moya Anegon. Research is not the only activity carried out at universities, but we know Higher Education Institutions’ (HEIs) ability to generate scientific knowledge is an obvious symptom of general performance. The existence of renowned researchers in universities is not by itself a sign of global quality, however nowadays it is hard to […]

A new venture

We are starting up Scimago Lab’s blog with this post. The blog aims at set itself up as the main channel to show our particular vision about our work as well as important issues relating to research evaluation, quantitative analysis of scientific information, scientometrics news and so on. We will also inform and discuss here […]

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