The Company

Scimago Lab is a technologically-based company offering innovative solutions to improve the Scientific Visibility and Online Reputation in Knowledge-Driven Organizations.

We develop Analytics Applications and deliver Reporting, Consultancy and Training Services that provide an innovative approach in research performance analysis and evaluation at a number of levels.

We embrace the research analysis process entirely, ranging from the scientific information collected from databases to RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) designed to its evaluation on web environments, our solutions cover the entire research process; they are based on Authoritative Data and high-quality standards of Usability, Visualizations and Presentation techniques.

Scimago Lab provides your organization with innovative tools and insights to make informed decisions.

Research Analytics

Scimago Lab multidisciplinary staff is made by people with a number of expertise backgrounds aiming to offering an integrative approach to scientific information management in organizations. Our key strengths and assets are:

Scimago Labs delivers Enterprise-Class Research Analytics Solutions.



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The Scimago Brand

SCImago is a worldwide renowned brand for Scientific Information Analysis and Evaluation.

Scimago Lab was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the SCImago Research Group and established to market tailored services while keeping SCImago group's many years of accumulated know-how.

Through the extensive work carried out under the SCImago research group, Scimago Lab staff have gathered long-time knowledge and experience on building Research Analytics Reports and designing Web Evaluation Environments, our staff has also developed resources which are widely known and used by researchers, universities and governments worldwide to evaluate and prove their research performance, especially in Spain and across Latin America.


SCImago has worked closely with international partners from the publishing realm, scientific information suppliers, universities and government agencies. As result of collaboration links with Elsevier, whom we jointly develop cutting-edge analysis tools, and evaluation concepts, it stands out the journal evaluation web environment SCImago Journal & Country Rank and the World Report SIR 2010 which analyses institution research performance across the world, both openly available.

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Database Development
Diego Guzmán-Morales

Software Development
Federico Rivadeneyra

Interaction Design
Yusef Hassan-Montero

Content and Media Manager
Víctor Herrero-Solana

Latinoamerican Project Manager
Atilio Bustos-González

External Advisers

Zaida Chinchilla Rodríguez IPP-CSIC

Elena Corera Álvarez IPP-CSIC

Stéphane Maraut Database Architect and Natural Language Processing Specialist

The company was originally founded by Professor Félix de Moya Anegón, who occasionally acts as an external adviser on far-reaching significant projects.


Scimago Lab is a division of the SRG S.L. company. Copyright 2010.

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